When All Else Fails…Stay Positive

When All Else Fails…Stay Positive

When All Else Fails…Stay Positive

Our Leadership Series® continues in March as we welcome Weldon Long and “The Power of Consistency: Achieving Greatness in the Face of Adversity.” With each installment, we strive to bring engaging, and relevant topics to light for leaders all over Colorado.

Drawing from his own life and leadership experiences, Weldon Long offers business- and life-tested tactics for leaders to turn adversity upside-down, so it works as a positive force for individual, team and organization growth.  Let’s take a quick look at these tips to get you started on your path to greater resiliency and ultimately, greater success.

There is Value in Failure

Regardless of your industry, you’ll experience failure.  And your team will go through it too. There is no shame in making mistakes or failing, but it is a shame if you can’t pull valuable lessons from that failure and go on to do better.  When failure happens make sure to regroup, open communication channels with your team, and stay objective as you discuss what went wrong and what steps you will take to ensure success the next time.  As a leader, your team is counting on you to be a positive and inspiring force.

Being able to persevere and succeed through difficult times is not a skill that every leader has perfected.  If you’re unsure of your talent in this instance you should check-in with yourself before adversity strikes.  Have you supported your team?  Are you continually fostering collaboration and open feedback?  Have you checked in with your mentor recently? These all the set the tone and strengthen your ability to stay positive.  Recovering from and thriving in crisis, change or hardship requires dexterity that can serve you well through your entire career.  As you face each challenge, your ability to remain a positive force for your team is vital to the overall success of your organization.

Stay Positive

Positivity is the cornerstone of surviving adversity, and like other skills, it needs to be practiced and developed. Not only can a positive outlook lead you successfully through tough times, but your positivity is contagious.  For some, when facing a challenge their knee-jerk reaction is negativity.  Learn to combat any negative reaction by modeling positive behavior.  Listen, validate and emphasize that coming together as a team for the next project is even more important after a failure.  Do this every time. Learning the skills to keep your team positive in the face of a challenge puts you well on your way to surviving just about any obstacle.

Positivity should be a habit that you work on throughout your career.  Missed our other article on positivity?  Use this link for a quick refresh on the benefits of it.

Go Back to Your Goals

While your yearly goals might not be front of mind in a crisis, it can be a good time to go back and look at them. Likely, when you set your goals, you had a clear picture of what your values were, where you wanted your team to be and how you were going to get there.  Realistic and measurable goals serve as guides as you weather uncertainty.  Consistently steer your decisions back to the endgame as you endure adversity.  Also be open-minded to changing your goals to best serve your recovery and your new approach to success.  This path may not be what you planned, but your flexibility here might serve you best.

Buried between the lines of Long’s message about the power of personal resiliency are other proven business concepts about the importance of staying true to your values, steadfast in your positivity and focused on your goals, even amid adversity.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for this Leadership Series® in March.

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