Keeping it Positive

Keeping it Positive

Keeping it Positive

Have you ever met a person who is just so inherently upbeat that you can't help but wonder, "how do they do it?" While there may be some people who have a gift of always seeing the good, some others might have to work harder at maintaining a sunny disposition. Keeping yourself positive is a choice and requires some effort. Let's talk a little bit about how you can stay positive in the face of change, challenge, and adversity and become 'one of those people' who can radiate positivity wherever they go.

DECIDE to be Positive

Make a conscious choice to take in and put out only positive messages.  Moreover, before your thoughts turn to how this isn't possible, give it a try.  Make an effort to remember the positive stories and share them.  Though an outcome yielded both negative and positive results, emphasize the positive results and build on those. Yes, we do have to face difficult news and challenges, but find a way to seek out the positive and move ahead with that in your head.  All challenges present an opportunity to learn a new skill or see a new perspective.

Check your Emotional Intelligence

We’ve covered this topic before and its worth another look.  Emotional intelligence is about having developed the right tools so you can be aware of negative energy that could surround any situation and mitigate it affects. If you're not sure how to develop these skills, ask for help in learning how to direct your energy in the most effective and positive ways. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about doing better and being a positive influence

Change the Way You Take in The News

The 24-hour news cycle, while great for keeping you up to date, can also be causing some distress.  Taking in these messages all day long is bound to have an impact.  Try to seek out the good news.  Scan the headlines for news you need, read more in-depth where you must. Then try adding a daily dose of human-interest stories, tales of strangers doing good deeds for each other, and even the sports page can put uplifting messages in the front of your mind.

Watch the Words you Use

It's an old lesson, but a good one.  Say "please," "thank you," "you're welcome" and other polite phrases our parents taught us when we were learning manners.  These small verbal acts of kindness promote positivity.  A genuine statement of gratitude in an email also goes a long way for your employees and colleagues.  Your words have power and this small thing can change your mindset and will radiate positivity back to you.  Try it. Please.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Find a positivity partner at work or home who can hold you to staying positive.  If you have another keeping you accountable, it will make it harder to fall back into those negative habits. Keeping a positivity journal could also help keep you on track. Write down what your triggers are and develop ways to work beyond the negative energy.

Help Your Team

Saying “that'll never work" is often the first reaction because it is easy but also because it might reflect the surroundings your team faces.  Your team needs a healthy diet of positive – not harmful and not neutral – messages. Non-accusatory and open-ended phrases work wonders during conversations or meetings.  Try “Tell me more about your idea…” or “You seem to have put a lot of thought into this.  Help me understand more…” to decrease not only defensiveness, negativity too.  In some cases, even a neutral message could not be enough to keep it positive.  Find one thing about each person you truly respect.  Tell them!  Help your team see the positive by being an example.

Making these seemingly small changes could end up making a big difference.  Building a positive mindset and keeping it will take time.  Your reward will be a better outlook for you, your team, and your organization

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