Trust Check Up

Trust Check Up

Trust Check Up

We hope you’ll be able to join us on May 14th as we welcome Dr. Paul Zak and his program "Building Trust." While Dr. Zak explores the science behind the brain and building authentic relationships, we think it is equally important to talk about just how vital trust is to your business relationships. How does a good leader develop and maintain confidence? Do you have the trust of your team? Maybe its time for a quick checkup?

Building Trust

Trust cannot be flipped on like a light switch, nor can it be demanded. Trust has to be earned and built over time.  And committing to this hard work is step number one. Each interaction with your team is another step towards building trust.  You should be honest and model the behavior you seek from your team.  Your consistent follow through and keeping your word are also important steps. You just can’t simply tell people to trust you, you should be showing them that your trust is well-placed with you being an open and honest leader.

Showing Trust

Do you trust your employees? How are you showing them? Support and encourage your team by letting them know that taking risks is not out of the question. Trust is also about allowing your team to have the autonomy to think for themselves and put new ideas into action.  Allow room for your employees to take chances and also deal with the consequences without punishment. It is unlikely a business can sustain many failed risks, so make sure you have clear boundaries for your employee about taking chances. Great leaders can lead and delegate without dictating.

Why Is Trust so Important?

Long gone are the days of "do this because it's your job." For your workplace to thrive, you need a culture that supports communication and useful feedback.  Trust is the very first step on this road. Employees and employers both need to trust each other to have a mutually beneficial relationship.  Whether you are highly experienced, right in the middle or just starting out, a healthy trust in the workplace should make you feel energized and enriched at work.

We are very excited to hear more from Dr. Zak about the science behind trust.  Please join us for an engaging morning.

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