Shining the Light on Workplace Culture

Shining the Light on Workplace Culture

Workplace culture seems to be THE topic of the hour. Why?

Culture is complex. It is easy to recognize a non-inclusive or toxic culture, but finding your way to a “good culture” is the hard part. There are easier issues to fix so the attention is directed elsewhere.

Let’s shine the light.
We asked a Millennial:


How do you know you are a part of an inclusive workplace culture?


Why did we ask a Millennial?

This is why… “Millennials value company culture more than any other generation that’s come before them. Even though the idea of “corporate culture” has been around since the 1970s, only recently has it started to become a bigger priority for workers”…(Forbes, “How Millennials Are Reshaping What's Important In Corporate Culture”, 2017).

Okay, so what did our Millennial say?

You know you're a part of an inclusive workplace culture when...the leadership asks and shows value for your opinions, insights and feedback. While simple in theory, when leadership displays this one behavior it has a transformational impact on the company's culture. This is due to the principle that people support what they create.

-Blake Cavignac, Founder, YoungPRO Elite 



So what steps should I take as a Leader to create a culture that harnesses the power of peoples’ differences to consistently produce at a high level:

  • Ask
  • Show your employees they are valued
  • Facilitate feedback

Like Blake said, this might be simple in theory, but what is the strategy…


Stay calm…you can join us September 13th where we will be learning alongside Kelly McDonald. Leaving our morning with immediately actionable strategies to bring our company cultures into this generation.

“The end result is a gradual shift toward company cultures and values that appease these millennial demands, and if businesses don’t want to be outcompeted, they need to become familiar with them, and adopt them”…(Forbes, “How Millennials Are Reshaping What's Important In Corporate Culture”, 2017).

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