The Pesky Workplace Saboteur

The Pesky Workplace Saboteur

Do you think productivity is really an issue in the workplace? Are there things that we are doing daily that have become a norm but should really be classified as workplace sabotage?

In case you are still thinking…the answer is YES.

And here is some PROOF! “20 percent of bosses believe workers put in less than five hours a day of actual work” (CNBC, “These are the top workplace productivity killers”, 2016).

Let’s take it even one step further.

Say your employees are working 8 hours a day, we decided earlier that 3 of those hours are wasted, so this adds up to 60 hours of dawdling a month or a total of 720 hours each year. I’ll let you do the math for how much dawdling is costing you each year…

Based on this information, it’s clear that performance management is indeed a relevant and urgent matter.

So, let’s get to the good stuff!


Is this my problem to deal with?


Why? You ask…we’re getting there!

“Performance management is, a continuous process where managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's work objectives or goals and his or her overall contribution to the organization”, (Arti Tandon, “Performance Management: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?”, 2015).

Okay, got it, so now my first step is to identify this “sabotage” …how do I do that?

I thought you would never ask!

Mario Riggio has 20 years of experience managing teams both large and small. So, we asked him:

Have you found yourself successful in identifying everyday behaviors that undermine workplace performance? If so, how? If not, why do you think that is?

Here is what he had to say:

To overcome the “different’ work habits when I am present has taken an understanding of who that particular employee is. I take great pride in knowing the “people” that work for me not just as my employees. Once you know them as people they are much more receptive to life coaching from you as a mentor rather than a boss. Since most of the behaviors are not “work” behaviors but character traits, the boss approach was less successful than the mentor/friend approach, at least for me.

-Mario Riggio, Operations Manager, Overheard Door Company of Denver

Identification = personally understanding your employees, is that the moral of this story?

Yup, but just like everything else, you should find what works for you and your role. Interested in digging deeper to identify what would work for you?

You’re in luck! On October 25th we will be learning alongside Rob Galford, a Leadership Fellow from Harvard. We are diving into the nitty-gritty to identify and find solutions for those pesky saboteurs to find out if mentorship can be an option for you…or not!

Looks like you have to join us to find out!


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