Inspiring a Culture of Creativity

Inspiring a Culture of Creativity

Inspiring a Culture of Creativity

If you’ve ever heard someone lament “I’m not creative” or “my job just isn’t creative?” then you know that creativity at work isn’t a given for organizations.  It does take some effort to create and support a culture of creativity in the workplace, but it's not impossible.  Creativity isn’t off limits to anyone.  There is always another way of thinking, a new method to try or an original path to get the job done.  Imagine the possibilities of creating and nurturing a team that is productive and creative?

Start with the Right Person Doing the Right Job

It may sound overly simplistic, but it's true. Competence leads to confidence and confidence leads to creativity.  If a member of your team has the skills to do their job well, they will likely have the courage. And when you're confident you're much more likely to turn your thoughts to creative solutions and innovations. Get the right person doing the right job and start building their confidence.

Never Stop Learning

Once you know your job that doesn’t mean you can stop learning.  You and your team should continue to expand your knowledge of your industry and beyond to include a variety of topics.  Think about it: when was the last time you learned something totally new - like driving a car or learning a new language - as an adult?  If you’re answering in years, you need to feed your brain and get back at it. And when you do learn something new, have your team members teach it to you and others.  Keep that brain power working!

The Sky is the Limit, Sort of

Creativity doesn’t suggest a free pass to do whatever you want but rather a welcoming atmosphere for new ideas. Let your team know just how you support them but also establish clear boundaries and expectations. Let them know you are open to new ideas but also make sure they understand just how far they can go.  While their ideas may be without limit, your organization may have some parameters.  And that’s okay.  Boundaries aren’t bad things but things we should be challenged to work around, through or with.

Recognize the Good and the Not-so-Good

There will be triumphs, and there will be setbacks.  It is essential that you and your team recognize both of these.  Yes, we all love to celebrate when we win, but we should be equally involved when an idea doesn't work.  There is a lesson there, and you can't ignore that.  Again, its not a free pass, so missteps should be dealt with just as successes are celebrated. You showing an even-handed approach will also add to the confidence you are building with your team.

Don’t Forget Patience

Be patient with your team, too.  A healthy culture isn't built overnight, it will take time.  Consistency, communication, and patience are your most valuable skills when you are making a culture that will inspire creativity from your team.   The time you invest in this will pay off.

Need to get creative?  Want to inspire your team?  So do we. Let's talk about how we can help your organization.

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