Cracking the Code to Great Leadership

Cracking the Code to Great Leadership

We are always trying to crack the code.

How can I become skinny in 3 hours, how do I get promoted in 2 weeks?

Let me help you.

We can’t…we can’t just do it, or become it.

Progress and growth take time, effort and dedication. The same goes for becoming a GREAT leader. What we can do is strategize our approach. Narrowing down key components of each goal by prioritizing what is first, second and third creates the ultimate framework for a successful execution.


let’s define a great leader so that we know what we are working towards.

“Great leaders adapt to their surrounding environments and empower the team to succeed together,” (Brent Gleeson, “10 Unique Perspectives On What Makes A Great Leader”, 2016).


Now that we know where we are headed we now have to figure out what our biggest priority should be, as a great leader. To answer this heavy question we asked the expert,  Maria Quijada, a Leadership professor at Regis University:

What is the biggest priority of a leader and why?

She said,

The key priority for a leader is to create a clear, shared vision. If you do not know where you are going or what you’re aiming for, you will never get there. Then you have to make sure that your people see it too and that they are willing and excited to follow you there. Good visions connect not just the mind but the heart to give people the courage to excel.

-Dr. Maria Quijada, Professor, Regis University

Okay, so I am sensing a pattern here. Being a leader really isn’t about me at all. A great leader surrounds themselves with talented people and provides the platform for them to excel and succeed by following the concise vision of the leader. We know what a good leader is, we know what to prioritize, now we need to figure out as individuals, what are the things that we need to focus on and develop further?


Let’s self-diagnose our own areas of opportunity. Step one and two highlight the following soft skills.

Flexibility, Encouragement, Communication, Employee advocacy, Trust, Inspiration.

Ask yourself which of these you have had to use before, in what situation were you asked to be inspiring and flexible? Perhaps you needed to have the trust of your employees because you were the one to advocate for your team. These are hard skills to master. Again, time, effort and dedication are required. There is a reason not everyone is a leader, but with the proper framework, it’s very possible that we all have the potential to become a GREAT leader.

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