Be Genuine, Be Vulnerable: There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

Be Genuine, Be Vulnerable: There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

Be Genuine, Be Vulnerable: There's No Such Thing as a Perfect Leader

"Inspiring" is usually the first word most think of when they are asked about John Register. We are thrilled to be welcoming this TEDx speaker and medal-winning Paralympic athlete to our next Leadership Series® on June 26th. Register shows leaders how to kindle inspiration in others, then to harness that inspiration within a self-sustaining loop where motivation ignites action, action yields results and sparks even greater inspiration.  Expect another morning full of compelling stories, real-life examples, and a dynamic presentation.

In real life, we don’t all have the experience of someone like John Register. So, then how does a “normal everyday” person begin to inspire on a more significant level? Good news: inspiration doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Focus on the small and the meaningful to lead and inspire your team.

Are you Talking like an Inspiration?

At the heart of every successful team is a leader who knows how to communicate with their team. Good leaders will talk to their team, listen, and continue to communicate in a clear and effective way.  To truly inspire your team, they (and you) have to feel like you can solve problems together.  Many leaders can talk but are you speaking to your unit consistently in a way that will stir them into great action, positive thinking, and innovation?  Do you have the skills to inspire when you speak to your team?  As communication is THE bedrock to so much, you should take some time to make sure you are performing on this level.

Do as I Do

You’re being watched.  Whether you know it or not, your team is watching you.  They watch how you act with your peers; they see how you handle stress and tackle adversity. They see you at your best and at your worst in the office. How you conduct yourself is just as important as what you say.  Your team deserves an inspiring leader who continues to raise the bar. It should go without saying, but it’s not enough to sit behind a desk, bark out orders, and expect perfection.   A genuinely inspiring leader is involved in what her team is doing, offers advice and solutions, and clears the roadblocks for her team.  That’s inspiring.

Get Personal

You're not perfect. And you should celebrate that.  You have made mistakes, and you did learn from them.  Sharing these stories in a teaching moment makes you vulnerable but also relatable.   As a leader, your job is not to be infallible but to be human. Obviously, you don't have to share every intimate detail but being personally invested in critical.  Tell your story about a time you struggled, how you decided what the right path was, and how you continue to learn and grow from it.  One word of caution; this is not a "fake it until you make it" scenario.  Lean in and give your team an authentic experience here. It’s okay to be human and let people know that you aren’t - or haven’t always been - perfect.  Perfection isn't inspiring. Hard work and the skill to overcome adversity is inspiring.

We hope that you’ll be able to join us on June 26th to hear John Register’s story and learn more about inspiring your team. Learn more about John Register here.

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