Leadership on Demand Videonitch Library Platform

Executive Forum has incorporated the Videonitch Platform to provide a robust video channel with certificate-based learning paths in a fully branded, secure, and interactive environment.  Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Cloud based VN Channel, ultra secure video platform – elevating communications
  • Increases training engagement/effectiveness with advanced video and social learning
  • Training and coaching is more efficient, effective, easy to measure and cost effective
  • Embedded video player automatically converts media to play on any desktop, tablet or smartphone – employees learn on their own time from any location
  • Easy to distribute content on-demand, advanced reporting and analytics to monitor usage
  • Connect leaders/managers easily with those who need more development
  • Feedback and control with real-time assessments, reporting and a locked in sequence making it impossible for trainees to jump ahead of critical content
  • Management witness teams actually accessing and discussing content, asking questions and showing true learning
  • Measurable return with increased revenues from those who were producing little before training, travel costs, and little to no productions costs… Win-Win-Win!
    • Centralized corporate hub
    • Consistent branding and messaging
    • Secure sharing of intellectual property
    • Completely customizable features
    • 24/7/365 support
    • Fully responsive layout
    • User specific libraries and notes
    • Social collaboration – comments, feedback and questions
    • Monitoring and analysis
    • Easy LMS integration
    • Share content privately with specific users
    • Features: search bar; comments; notes; ask an expert; ratings; share; upload forms; admin reporting; recommended videos; mandatory videos; custom learning path; booster events; assessments; downloadable print materials; mobile optimized
    • Further integration of ‘Virtual Coaching’ and LMS providers (additional fees - see website)

Please  CLICK HERE for a sample page of the LEADERSHIP ON DEMAND Videonitch Library Platform.